Remembering Corky

Mikey and Corky Serving Up Fun at the Tasty Tapas
If ever you had the pleasure to meet the Vennetti Twins, you've no doubt experienced the effervescent sparkle these two brought to our events and the day to day lives for those fortunate to refer to them as neighbors. Their enthusiasm and zest toward life is nothing less than infectious. 

Unfortunately, on July 12th one half of the pair was taken from us unexpectedly. Coralie (also known as Corky) incurred a severe brain hemorrhage and shortly thereafter passed away peacefully surrounded by her family. 

Her surviving sister Rosalie (also known as Mikey) would like to acknowledges the incredibly supportive group of friends here in our Angle Lake Community and to express her sincere appreciation for the continuing support and day to day visits sharing memories, laughs, a few cries, some spontaneous songs and a movie quote or two. “After every visit, my heart felt lighter than before they came. I was left with a sense of gratitude that we are loved by so many” Mikey expressed. 

Mikey also wishes to share with you the decision that the memorial service has been cancelled. The family has decided that more time is needed for the healing process to continue. Going through photos and stories of happy times seemed to be counterproductive to the direction they are taking in moving forward with this devastating loss.

On November 4th you’re requested to raise a glass to Corky and give thanks to all the joy she brought into each of our lives.

Godspeed, Corky. You will be sorely missed.

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