Traffic Safety Concerns - South 198th St.

Residents along South 198th street neighborhood are expressing increased concerns regarding excessive, high speed traffic flows during morning and evening commuting hours. South 198th street has been a favorite “short cut” for commuters for years however this situation has been exacerbated due to recent intersection reconfigurations at 200th Street South and Military Road. Recent reconstruction efforts have eliminated the additional free right turn lane southbound onto 200th street and has resulted in increased queuing for southbound traffic on Military Road - further incenting commuters to take 198th South as a detour to avoid having to wait to make a right angle right turn at the intersection.

Perceptions of vehicles exceeding posted speed limits (on average over 35mph) and frequently failing to observe and obey the stop sign at the intersection of 35th and 198th street, pedestrian safety concerns have increased proportionate to the increased traffic volume. There are currently no sidewalks so persons with disabilities, seniors, children and parents with strollers and everyone in between are forced to travel the surface road, increasing the likelihood of pedestrian injury or fatality. 

Safe Streets Survey
A survey has been created with the purpose of collecting input from residents living on South 198th Street regarding traffic safety concerns.  Residents along this corridor are encouraged to complete this brief survey so that their response may be included in a submission to the SeaTac Neighborhood Sidewalk Advisory Committee and the Department of Civil Engineering requesting appropriate action be taken to address safety concerns.

The survey may be accessed by clicking this LINK.

Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program
Residential streets should feel safe, comfortable, and cared for. Residents may think of the street outside their home as an extension of their home or a neighborhood commons. Improvements should focus on slowing traffic and encourage residents to take pride and ownership of the streetscape outside their front door.

The Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program represents the commitment of the City of SeaTac to the safety and livability of residential neighborhoods. The program addresses neighborhood traffic safety concerns while enabling citizens and community groups to become involved with the improvement process. The Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program is a three phase program with each phase containing specific techniques for addressing traffic concerns in neighborhoods.
  • PHASE I or Neighborhood Enhancement Phase concentrates on less restrictive traffic operation improvements such as signing, select pavement markings, brush trims, and passive measures such as the enforcement of traffic laws. 
  • PHASE II or Physical Devices Phase focuses on physical traffic control devices placed in the roadway to control speed, reduce traffic volumes, or reduce accidents. The devices available are speed humps, traffic circles, curb extensions/chokers, and chicanes.
  • PHASE III or Major Projects - Capital Improvement Program (CIP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), or other special funding.

Please click this LINK for further details regarding the Neighborhood Traffic Safety Program.

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