The Docktor is In!

Is your dock in need of repair or are you thinking about replacing or adding a dock? If so, you are in luck. 
Starting in April and over the course of the following few months a contractor specializing in dock construction, repair, and piling replacement will be visiting our lake. If you are in need of any dock related services please contact: Lonnie Goulet @ (206) 948-2009 for additional information.

A boat dock is a valuable part of any property and must be maintained or repaired to retain that value. Maintenance is often the more cost-effective solution and should be carried out on a regular, dependable basis.
Boat docks are constantly exposed to moisture, changes in temperature, sunlight, and inclement weather, all of which can have long-term consequences when it comes to their aesthetic appeal, safety, and functionality. Maintenance can require time and energy; repairs are considerably costlier. In either case, dock owners have many components to consider when caring for their investment.

Components that May Need Repair
Many people do not realize how many components go into dock construction beyond the obvious boards that make up the decking. Although these certainly require care, other elements, such as the rope and barrels underneath a floating dock, are less accessible and may require more technical repairs. Repairing a float, for example, costs between $170 and $190. For posts, metal pipes and other sub-structural components, repairs are generally more costly, ranging from $300 to $400, conservatively. 

Reasons for Repair
As mentioned above, docks can require repairs for a number of reasons, most of them having to do with environmental conditions. The overall average cost for repairing a permanent dock is $180 to $220. Portions of nearly all dock types are continuously exposed to water, which can be hard on wood, metal and concrete alike. Storm damage is another common, weather-related issue, especially winter storms where the water may freeze and thaw. Framing repairs generally cost around $200 to $215. Dry rot can also cause damage to wood decking and posts with repairs costing about $200. 

Maintenance to Minimize Repairs
What can be done to reduce the necessity of costly repairs?
The answer is simple: maintenance.

One important way to maintain a dock is through sealing the wood regularly. This process applies a protective coating that can significantly reduce weather-damage. However, costs are extremely variable, depending on the product used. Similarly, building a deck from treated lumber and replacing any wooden pieces with treated lumber is a good investment, although treated lumber tends to cost somewhat more. A regular pressure washing between applications of sealant can remove mildew or other harmful substances. To have a dock professionally pressure washed, the cost generally runs $1 per square-foot.

For metal parts, making a regular check of their condition is advisable in order to spot rust, corrosion, or other issues as soon as possible. Screws, nuts, and bolts, for instance, can work themselves loose and may require tightening. Sometimes hinges or other moving parts may require lubrication to last longer. Rust protection may also be an option for those who prefer bright screws and hardware. 

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