Like A Good Neighbor, Lonnie Is Always There!

The Good Neighbor Recognition Program is a city-wide recognition program, where SeaTac community members are encouraged to nominate individuals and/or groups for their acts of neighborly/community goodwill. Nominations allow community members to call attention in a positive way to the activities that the nominee has contributed to their neighbors and community by being an example of a ‘good neighbor’. 

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce that an Angle Lake neighbor received the following nomination by some “Friends on Angle Lake”. The following is what was submitted in the nomination: 
“Lonnie Goulet, currently the President of the Angle Lake Shore Club, is the guiding force and effervescent energy behind the wonderful community based activities on Angle Lake. Without Lonnie’s passionate vision, well this would just be another beautiful lake without any collective community esprit de corps. But more importantly, Lonnie answers seemingly each and every call from his neighbors when things need to be fixed, someone needs a ride, or we all just want to hear a good raucous laugh from the man with the big heart. There is no task too big or mountain too high to climb for Lonnie and his traveling smile and tool box.” 

Congratulations Lonnie, on being a nominated community member! Our community is fortunate to have you involved. Awards will be presented to all nominees at the Regular Council Meeting on Tuesday, Dec 13th at 7:00PM in the Council Chambers at City Hall. 

Please consider attending the awards ceremony in a show of support and appreciation for Lonnie and the other deserving nominees!

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LPG said...

I just wanted to express my sincere THANK YOU to all my neighbors, friends and family that attended the Dec 13th SeaTac Council Meeting in support of my receiving the SeaTac Good Neighbor Award. While I was proud to have been nominated and chosen to receive this award my acceptance was done so primarily on behalf of the ALSC and all that it stands for. Yes we live on and around a beautiful lake but it is the ALSC that truly makes our neighborhood so special. I hope we never take for granted what the ALSC means to our neighborhood and what ALL the volunteers do to continue and build on it's great tradition.
With that said I want to wish each and everyone of our members, family and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you again for allowing me my 'George Bailey' moment where you all made me feel like the richest man in SeaTac.