Internet Search Reveals Early Lake Living

As a child, I would love to sit and listen to stories of the early days as told to me by my elders. This interest in history has continued into my adulthood where I am drawn in particular toward personal experiences within my community, listening to the way things were ‘back in their day’.

Not having had relatives living in this area previously, I often rely on perusing the internet to see what I can uncover regarding Angle Lake living in the early years. I've performed this type of search on several occasions over the years. With the exception of a single nugget I had uncovered back in 2013 regarding the Highline Historical Society Oral History Project, very little has ever been revealed, yet I continue my search. 

On my most recent search a couple weeks back I discovered a video titled “Angle Lake Buckman”. The nearly three minute clip features a day on the shores of Angle Lake during the late 60’s and was posted by YouTube user ‘vistawb’. 

With a little bit more searching I discovered that the Vistawb account was owned by Walter Buckman. I located his account on Facebook and messaged him inquiring about the video. Walter responded to my message explaining that his father had taken the video using a hand cranked 8mm camera. 

He went on to informed that his great grandfather, Ira Buckman had bought the Angle Lake lot (4059 S 188th St.) but was not sure of the exact year. His uncle Wayne had also lived there for a time and raised five kids of his own. Walter himself had grown up in this same house from about 1976 through 1990. 

Through further email exchanges, Walter confirmed that his parents knew the Iverson and Stevens families who still live on the lake, whereas his father Harry and Uncle Wayne have since moved to Ocean Shores. He plans to visit with his parents soon and will see about collecting additional photos of the lake, digitize them to share them with us. Walter has experience with this procedure as he has helped digitize 100 year old glass negatives for the Snohomish Historical Society. 

Other videos from the Vistawb collection:
The Shore Club is looking to create an online archive of historic photos. If you have family pictures featuring lake living and/or the early environment that you’d like to share, please email the blog team so that we may include them into our collection.

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