Public Meeting: Big SeaTac Airport Expansion Plans

The community is urged to come learn about the “Sustainable Airport Master Plan” designed to address and accommodate the expansion plans for the future of Sea-Tac Airport at an Open House on Wednesday, March 4 from 5 until 7 PM.  The location is Mount Rainier High School at 22450 19th Ave. S. in Des Moines.

At earlier meetings, Port Officials had revealed plans for huge expansion options to adapt to the expected boom in passengers over the next 20 years. Announcements were made regarding a new International Arrivals Facility planned for 2019, but that is only the beginning. Also on the drawing board are plans for 35 more airplane gates added to the north and south of the airport’s 81 current gates, and potentially an additional new passenger terminal. Further details on the expansion plans may be viewed at the Seattle Times Website

At this open house, you will hear from Port of Seattle staff and consultants about proposed concepts for sustainably accommodating forecast increases in air travel demand at Sea-Tac, and have an opportunity to share your ideas.

According to the Port, this long-term blueprint for airport development is called Sea-Tac’s Sustainable Airport Master Plan. It aims to meet the needs of the traveling public over the next 20 years in a way that takes the most sustainable approach possible. This includes reducing environmental impacts, ensuring economic performance and working with local communities. The plan covers airfield development within the current three-runway configuration, terminal development, roadway improvements, cargo and facility modernization and expansion possibilities. Impetus for this planning effort is continued strong passenger growth at the airport, which served more than 37 million passengers in 2014. Forecasts show this figure could be 52 million in 2024 and 66 million in 2034.

In addition to forecasting, this planning process is taking stock of current facilities, infrastructure, operations and passenger levels, and looking at scenarios that are five, 10 and 20 years in the future. It includes air quality, energy and water conservation, recycling and other strategic environmental goals, and will align with the port’s Century Agenda sustainability and energy efficiency goals. Completion of the plan will make Sea-Tac the first large hub U.S. airport to fully incorporate sustainability as a key master planning component.

Along with the future demand forecast and some early concepts for meeting the demand, the March 4 presentations will explain the process for creating and evaluating concepts and selecting the preferred choice or choices. An environmental review process—including public involvement — is scheduled for 2016, before the plan is finalized.

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