2015 ALSC Board of Directors Announced

The Angle Lake Shore Club (ALSC) is pleased to announce the results of the 2015 ALSC Board of Directors Election.

Board Members are elected by a majority vote of the club members. Ballots were distributed at the 2014 Members Only Christmas Party to all active members present. Votes were cast and returned in the individual hermetically sealed envelopes and gathered by our security volunteers who delivered them to the accounting team which remained sequestered in a private room until the final ballot was tallied and the results were confirmed. This year you have elected the following individuals to a full year term as members of the Board Class of 2015.

Wait a minute… who are we kidding?  Due to no one stepping forward to replace any of the existing board members and for the fact that none or our existing board members had the sense to step down, we’re pleased to announce the following individual’s will remain in place for yet another year, each retaining their prior position of responsibility.
Back Row - Rosalyn; Jim; Marge; Fuzz; Julie; Steve; Debbie
Front Row - Judy; Lonnie; Tani Rae
ALSC Officers
  President – Lonnie Goulet
  Vice President – Jim Todd
  Secretary – Julie Hill
  Treasurer – Judy Williams

ALSC Board of Directors
  Auditor – Marge Murtha
  Advisor – Steve Beck
  Marketing – Rosalyn Rombauer
  Public Relations – Fuzz Hill
  Welcoming Committee – Debbie Beck
  Photography – Tani-Rae Standridge

In addition to planning, coordinating and executing our Annual Club and Community Events, our Board is prepared to make a priority of bringing a major fireworks display back to the lake for the enjoyment of the entire community. This will be achieved by focusing effort on creating a collaborative program featuring a few select lakeside neighbors working in cooperation with the ALSC to build and secure up to six barges (400 square feet each) from which to launch the display from. 

Details of this program were shared with members in attendance at the Christmas Party and further details will be shared via the Blog and Club Newsletter in the near future. Questions relating to this program may be submitted to the blog email address for a reply. 

Here’s looking forward to another wonderful year on the lake – we’re so glad that you’re a part of it!

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