April Fools? Not This Time

One might question if it is a joke when they discover that the city is currently spending over $19,000 worth of urban reforestation grant money to manually clear the Hughes Property of blackberry bushes and ivy, only to learn that the current intent is to sell and clear the property to site a new hotel! 

Contained within the April 22, 2014 CSS/RCM Packet are two Agenda Bills which if passed will have an impact on the current condition of two properties adjacent to Angle Lake.  Page one of the Council Packet displays the Council Study Session Agenda and contains summary information for Agenda Bill #3591 relating to the undeveloped parcel along Angle Lake referred to as the ‘Hughes Property’ and Agenda Bill #3603 describing a purchase agreement for an easement with additional improvements.

The request for council action and supporting language for Agenda Bill #3591 are contain in pages 6 and 7 with the proposed Resolution displayed on pages 8 and 9. City staff are recommending to council to pass this resolution to execute a purchase sale agreement with TMI Hospitality, Inc for the purpose of constructing and operating a Marriott Extended Stay “Beacon” style designed hotel. The purchase will acquire 75% of the 4 acre area, whereas the city will retain the remaining one acre of undeveloped land fronting the shoreline of Angle Lake.  The city plan is to allow access from International Boulevard to the waterfront via an easement agreement with the hotel property. 

Example of a Marriott Hotel Beacon Style Design
Additional access to this remaining publically owned portion of the Hughes Property is being proposed via Agenda Bill #3603 which describes an agreement with Wisenet Branin Brothers LLC for the purchase of an easement through their property as the final link traversing several privately held parcels to complete a contiguous walkway between Angle Lake Park and the Hughes Property. The agreement also includes compensation for improvements and removal of several trees.  The worksheet for AB3603 begins on page 34 with the Ordinance starting on page 36 of the Council Packet. City staff are recommending passage of this oridance as well.

Both of these Agenda Bills will be discussed in greater detail during the Council Study Session scheduled for Tuesday, April 22nd and could result in a council consensus vote as early as Tuesday, May 6th.  Time for public comments is expected to be made available at the beginning of the study session and if moved to consensus vote, opportunities for public comment should again be available at the beginning of the Regular Council Meeting and prior to council consensus vote.   
So back to the question of why the city is investing nearly $20,000 toward removing blackberry and ivy bushes one can only hope that the effort is focused primarily on the remaining one acre that is expected to remain in the public domain and not concentrating energy on the three acres that will be bulldozed if Agenda Bill #3591 passes! 

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Anonymous said...

Ask the city if I can have the contract, I will have the whole property scrubbed out in 3 days.
But at 19K, they must be assuming 5 workers X $20. per hour X 8 hours for a grand total of 22 days. I will have done in 3 days and I will only charge for 10 days and maybe the rest of the remaining $9000.- can go to match the funds that a local neighborhood needed to put on a community event!