Levitz Hill Update

Gone for years now from the corner of So 178th Street and Southcenter Parkway sat the location of Levitz Furniture alongside the recently removed iconic landmark Levitz sign that was anchored high on the hillside above the old store location and now, the hill itself is witnessing the removal of the former 21 percent grade roadway which is being replaced with a less extreme slopped grade, the result of the So. 178th Street Realignment Project. Any familiar reference to Levitz will now only exist in memory.

Extremely favorable weather conditions have resulted in a reduced construction period and the new roadway is nearly complete. However before the new thoroughfare will open to general traffic the old South 178th Street will be closed from the period of September 30th through October 30th, for the final paving and utility tie-ins. Detour routes will be maintained around this area throughout the closure period. 

When complete the new roadway will intersect Segale Drive C and Southcenter Parkway and is scheduled to be open to traffic on or around November 1st, depending on suitable weather conditions just in time to support the extra Christmas volume coming in and out of this area.

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