Notice of Cancelation

While many firmly believe that the Horse-N-Around Race and Family Picnic event is among the best activities hosted by the ALSC, after 3 years, it became apparent that the event was just not drawing the spectator crowd necessary to sustain the event from a financial aspect.  

Feedback from the teams that have competed in the races indicate that we have been successful at tweaking the competitiveness and challenge aspect of the event to making it very appealing to competitors.  However more is needed to successfully encourage a greater number of families and spectators to participate in the event.

The members of the board have thoughtfully discussed the future of this event and what could be done to increase spectator attendance. However more time is needed to brainstorm and form ideas that will increase the turn out for this event. Therefore the ALSC Board has voted to cancel the Horse-N-Around Race for this year in consideration of introducing a retooled event for next.

We welcome any comments on this subject.

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