The "How Lucky" Project

The advent of the internet has brought many tremendous opportunities for the common individual. From new occupations such as stock market day trader, to new market opportunities that include virtual storefronts accessible from anywhere on the globe where internet access is available, and even achieving instant fame through viral videos like PSY and his Gangnam Style hit single and of course there's the whole new form of communications through the various social media sites.

One particular Angle Lake resident, Fysah Sands is leveraging a new type of capital ventures investment vehicle available through the internet to help finance a lifelong dream of performing on tour, capturing it on video and creating a documentary to share the experience. 
The "How Lucky Tour/Documentary" will highlight the grassroots West Coast Tour of newly released female musical artists Fysah and Olivia De la Cruz. The Documentary will follow the 14 show, 17 day acoustic tour of these two very talented artists, along with Filmmaker Lydia Goolia and tour Manager Erin Dubs. This film will document the journey of this all girl crew as they work to create a name for themselves in the music industry by hitting the road on their first tour. 

To raise funds for this project, the group is using a crowd funding resource, where supporters like yourself can pledge to help fund the tour/documentary and receive cool gifts in exchange for doing so. But time to be involved is quickly running out as the campaign ends June 15th and the team still haven't met their minimum goal. 

Fysah and her husband Brett Sands encourage the community to consider helping these artists kickstart their careers by making a contribution pledge at Keyword: "How Lucky Tour/Documentary" or additional information is available at her official website: Bret and Fysah would like to thank you for your consideration - it means the world to them to know they have a community that supports them.

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