Dock Hop a Big Hit!

Early Easter Morning, the weather unseasonably warm, winds calm, the sun just rising over the eastern hillside. Tucked away in the southeast cove onboard a pontoon boat parked next to the Zylkowski dock stood a large, fluffy white figure, whose long ears stood erect with a basket full of eggs in hand – it was none other than the Easter Bunny himself preparing to set out on a voyage to visit the eagerly awaiting children of Angle Lake.

With Captain Bruce Goulet behind the wheel and first mate Lonnie there to provide navigational assistance for keeping the stops in order and the schedule on time the Bunny Boat departed on its visitation round promptly at 9 am.  A periodic blast of the horn alerted folks along the shoreline and waiting in their homes that Peter Cottontail was approaching, signaling to them that it was time to rush down to the water to greet him at their dock.

Peter made his first stop with the Milan’s at post 11 to deliver two beautifully festooned baskets to a couple of excited boys, where the youngest was truly bewildered that the bunny knew his name and had it written on the attached card!  On to the next stop with the Steinke’s at post 3 where ‘Hoppity’ was greeted by a very young child that was none too sure of this large creature but was certainly cordial by offering several “bye-bye’s” when it was time to leave, almost as if he were encouraging the bunny to move along!  And so we did… a few more blasts of the horn brought a neighbor out from the condo eager to get a picture with the Easter Bunny and we were more than happy to oblige!

Rounding the west side of the lake, a young boy of about 10 years old was spotted fishing from the pier with his father who waived us in for a quick visit and photographs, leaving behind a few unsuspected treats for them to enjoy while waiting for the big catch.  

Sounding the horn up the north side of the lake brought on many cheers and waves from people at their doors and windows with only the Patton’s taking us up on a stop for visit, photos and gifts of treat filled eggs, then it was task master Lonnie egging Bruce on to the next schedule stop at the Beck’s around the corner on the northern leg of the lake where more colorfully decorated baskets filled with goodies were given out.  Even the turtles remained in place on their favorite log as we passed by on our way to the Bell’s at post 74. The girls at the Bell’s were dressed in their Sunday best and were rewarded with a large number of eggs!  Hugs were shared, Steve put his own twist on things as he hopped back inside the house and with that we were on the move again.

Rounding our way to the eastside of the lake we were greeted at the Anderson’s by another very young boy who appeared more intrigued than unsure of the visiting creature and graciously accepted the gifts that were offered. Then back around to the Northwest side of the lake to the Partridge’s for the customary visit with the twin girls where more gifts, hugs, smiles and laughs were exchanged.  

And then amazingly at precisely the stroke of eleven, it was time to shove off and return the Bunny back to the Zylkowski dock so that he could continue on his way to visit the other remaining children waiting around the world for his visit.  

(Click on the above image to view the video)

We’d like to thank Nick and Rosalyn for arranging our special visit with the bunny, coordinating the collection of baskets from the parents for delivery to their children and procuring the eggs filled with treats that were handed out to all – this is truly turning out to be another favorite ALSC tradition to look forward to each year.

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