Its Here, Its Here! Did You Get Yours?

We had reported in an earlier blog post that the club is planning to shake things up on the communication front by retiring some old platforms (i.e. community forum) in favor of introducing what we hope to be more interactive, entertaining and effective forms of communication.

To date, we've had 23 neighbors sign up for and we continue to receive new requests from our neighbors who want to join in for secure and private communications to share things like events, classifieds, lost and found and crime watches, among the many other subjects available.
Today we’re excited to announce that we've just sent out a copy of our new ONLINE VERSION of the Angle Lake Shore Club Spring Newsletter to all active members who have indicated having a preference of receiving the newsletter via email.  This new online version allows us to create a more visually pleasing design offering more photos and color graphics and dynamic formatting than what our printed edition allows.  The goal is to offer a much more entertaining and desirable edition that members will request the emailed edition instead of choosing for the hard copy black & white version, drastically reducing production costs over the print and snail mail option.

Any of the following may be reason why you did not receive an electronic copy in your email in basket Thursday evening:
  • You are not currently an active member of the Angle Lake Shore Club
  • You have not previously indicated a preference to receive email over snail mail
  • We do not have your current or correct email address on file
  • Or our email to you may be lying in your spam filter folder!

If you did not receive a copy of the online edition but would like to – please send an email with your request to the Shore Club email box at

If you have received your copy, we’d love to hear your feedback! Leave a comment here by clicking on the "comments" link below or feel free to send us an email.

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