Public Hearing November 6th

Zoning Request Impacts East Neighborhood
The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s “blueprint for future growth and development.” It consists of a future land use map, as well as goals and policies that provide guidance to the City as our area grows and changes to meet the challenges of a growing region. Amendments to the 2012 Comprehensive Plan are currently being considered, one of which impacts our neighborhoods on the east side of Angle Lake.

The property owner of the 19740 Military Road parcel (across the street from fire posts 28 through 31) has submitted a proposal to change the SeaTac Comprehensive Plan on this piece of land from the current zoning of UM-2400 Residential Medium Density to a UH-900 Residential High Density assignment stating the current designation does not support his plans for sighting a Convalescent Center/ Nursing Home and request for a 10 foot setback to permit a planned addition to the existing 5-unit apartment building instead of the current 20 foot requirement. 

While the owner’s motivation to develop this parcel into a revenue producing lot is understandable, area residents are against this proposed rezoning as it does not integrate well with the existing surrounding residential environment and will negatively impact property values and quality of life in the area.  Opposition also considers this move would not only place additional traffic on Military Road but would also increase street side parking demand to support extra staff and visiting guest vehicles.  Concern has also been raised over an increased change of accident potential created from vehicles entering/exiting a complex located in a limited sight distance area due to the existing roadway elevation changes and curves.

November 6: Open House 5:00 P.M.  Public Hearing; 6:00 P.M.  
Prior to the Council reaching any final determinations to changes in the Comprehensive Plan, the public will have an opportunity to attend an Open House to ask questions and receive further details on this or any of the other changes being proposed. A Public Hearing will be held immediately following the open house where anyone may comment on any of the amendments, and express support or opposition to them.  Comments may be provided verbally or in writing at the hearing.  Comment may also be provided in writing (regular mail or email) prior to the hearing, and should be addressed to:

Michael Scarey
City of SeaTac
4800 S. 188th Street
SeaTac, WA 98188
Or sent via email to

We encourage all impacted residents to make time to attend this meeting and communicate their opinions and concerns.

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