2012 ALSC Classic Horse-N-Around Race

The three person teams, or ‘horses’, competing in the 2012 ALSC Classic are gathering up and preparing for the big race this Saturday! If you plan to join us as wagering spectators, be sure to obtain your own FREE copy of the race program HERE.

ALSC Classic Horse-N-Around Race
Where: Jones Beach (Post 40)
When: Saturday, September 15th
Time: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

I Love a Parade
The post parade and warm-up can provide valuable insight about a “horse's” readiness
Who doesn't love a parade? The post parade can be a confusing term to a newbie (at least it was to this newbie)… I wondered “what value is there in parading the horses after the race?” not realizing that the “post” was the start of the race, as in “post time”. So, in fact, it’s a parade TO the post.

When you hear the call to the post, it’s a signal for the horses (in our case, teams) to make their way to the post parade where the announcer introduces each horse as they “parade” in front of the grandstand. I always used to put my wagers in prior to the parade and warm-up to avoid lines at the window. Being someone who didn’t grow up around horses and generally couldn’t tell a claimer from a stakes horse, I never felt like I would be able to derive any usable information from looking at the horses. The first time it became apparent to me that I needed to start paying attention to their appearance and demeanor was the 2011 ALSC Classic. As the teams paraded in front of us, a particular unknown was trotting, snorting and raised up with a plaintive “I’m here to do business” whinny. I should have immediately run to the window and put my $50 to win on her. In short, she looked ready to rock, and rock she did, while my pick was among the first off the board.  So you might consider showing up early so that you can observe all the competitors before placing your final bets!

To keep things simple, WIN, PLACE or SHOW bets only will be accepted, no exotic betting is permitted.  Spectators will receive $50 in play money to place wagers however they feel will generate the greatest payout.  At the end of the day, all bets will be tallied and the top four wagers will be awarded the following CASH prizes: 
  • WIN - $200
  • PLACE - $100
  • SHOW - $50
  • IN THE MONEY - $25. 
 In the event of any ties, winners will be randomly drawn for prize money.

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