Angle Lake Selected As Test Market

Recent news reports indicate mobile phone clients are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their service due to poor coverage, dropped calls and/or inferior voice quality transmissions in the area of Angle Lake.  Representatives from the major carriers say that the rise in the number of complaints is directly proportional to the percentage of households who have elected to replace their home wired line service for the convenience of a mobile service line. However, customer expectations are that call quality should be equal to their previous telephone service regardless if their phone service is hardwired or not.

One carrier representative interviewed pointed to area land use as the number one reason for the poor quality service. Their claim being that the lack of available open space has resulted in limited available options to site a new cell tower installation. “The only area left open and available is in the middle of Angle Lake, but the general response received from lakeside neighbors has led us to believe that no one would like us to erect a tower out there!”
Due to the open space availability constraints, the Angle Lake neighborhood has been selected as a pilot market to deploy a new cellular coverage concept poised to address this gap in service due to lack of available transmission towers. The product being introduced is called ‘Wireless Convergence’, its Qualcomm’s newly developed convergence program that seeks to create the first truly ubiquitous digital network connecting everyone, everywhere without the need to have radios mounted on monopole towers.

The solution calls for mini radios to be mounted on wolf-pigeons with plans to deploy over one hundred birds that will circle the lake neighborhoods resulting in a significant increase in coverage. The linked video below furnishes more detail for a greater understanding of this exciting new service.

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This new product begins service on Sunday, April 1st and the new service is said to be compatible with all major manufacturer wireless products. Imagine improved cellular coverage, without the unsightliness of transmission towers, delivered via earth friendly, green solutions!

(Postscript:  This is an April Fools Joke)

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