Neighbor Needs Help....

The following email landed in our email in basket asking folks along the lake shore to keep an eye out for a stray Adirondack chair. 
The request is as follows:
"I custom built a couple of Adirondack chairs a few months back , one for me and one for my lovely wife. They both have arms that resemble FISH.

Well a couple weeks ago the wife said "Shouldn't we bring them chairs in from the beach?" and my response was "nah they'll be fine besides I want them to turn a nice soft timeless grey color (cedar does that ya know).

Needless to say during the recent wind storm wouldn't you know it HERS BLEW AWAY INTO THE LAKE!!!
Now you know I'm in some big trouble now. Soooo if you happen to see her chair on yer beach I would reeeally appreciate it if you could possibly give me a call."

Thank You
Dave and Randi Milam
Post 11  206-755-9041

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Dave said...

yOu GuYS JUsT cRAcK ME uP !!!!!