Lost and Found

We've received a couple emails recently from residents regarding an item that was “found” (or more appropriately “left behind”) and a few items that have turned up “lost” (or may in this case have been “borrowed” without the owner’s prior knowledge)… 

These folks have taken the right next steps by contacting the ALSC Blog to report the items for inclusion in the Lost & Found pages … however that is only part of the solution! We’d like to ask you, our readers, to please periodically check the Lost and Found pages so that you are aware of things that have turned up missing (this may even include those things that you were not aware you were missing, like the case with the glasses below!). 

You can also help to be a part of the overall solution by marking your property with you fire post number, or address, or phone number, or some other unique identifier… no, I’m not suggesting you put your post number on the outside side of your sunglasses but things like boats, paddleboards, dock furniture, etc is a good start to easily reunite items with their respective owners.

LOST: Two plastic gray Adirondack chairs and swim noodles from Post 13.  

FOUND: One pair women’s sunglasses left behind at the Standridge’s during the ALM Community Yard Sale. Pelican Paddle boat that is currently tied up to the Warner’s dock.

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Fuzz Hill said...

September 8th, 2012: UPDATE
The ALSC Blog Site has implemented a 'Community Forum' to replaced the former Lost and Found page.

Access the forum at: http://alsc-forum.1075170.n5.nabble.com/