Let’s Hear From You For A Change

Last weekend the City of Seatac; SeaTac Rotary Club; Southwest Chamber of Commerce; and the Matt Griffin YMCA in a collaborative effort produced the 16th Annual International Festival at Angle Lake Park.  

As promised there was a weekend full of staged entertainment, a variety of arts and crafts booths including a handful of food vendors were present, however the Cultural Village failed to materialize. With this 16th annual occurrence of the International Festival now a part of local history, we’d like to hear from you by asking that you leave comments here on the BLOGSITE or click this LINK to complete a brief online survey.

Your responses may remain anonymous if you wish, however, feedback is taken more serious if the author is identified - but whichever you choose your input is greatly appreciated!

NOTE: To leave your mark - click on the comments link below, enter in what you wish to say in the comments box, type the validation phrase, choose an identity, then Publish Your Comment and your good to go! 


jd said...

Did not attend

Do not know the intent, purpose, nor results, but impression is that it is not an event I would encourage the city spend money on in the future.

Anonymous said...

what did jd say?

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed the last couple of years. I appreciate this community spreading some music culture to its people. We had great weather, so in addition my children were to also enjoy swimming in the lake...I wish Seatac had more community events its so limited. I go to Burien a lot for activities and events with my children.