Show Of Support For Supporting The Show!

This coming Tuesday, March 22nd, the Regular Council Meeting agenda will include a request for a city contribution of $10,000 to help fund the Angle Lake July 4th Fireworks Show. The city council will be requested to approve this appropriation of city funds for the show. If you’ve had the opportunity to view  past shows, I am sure you will agree that this is one of the best displays in the South King County area! And if you’ve enjoyed the show nearly as much as the voices contained in the attached video – then we urge you to offer your comments of support at the 6:00 PM beginning of the City Council Meeting encouraging the Council Members to approve the appropriation of City funds to cover a portion of the July 4th fireworks show over Angle Lake.

A Look Back On The 2010 Approval Process

The April 13, 2010 Regular Council Meeting Minutes state that the Angle Lake July 4th Fireworks Show was included in the list of $5000 - $35,000 Purchase Request items. Council Member Rick Forschler requested the fireworks funding item be removed and placed under Unfinished Business to be discussed in the later portion of that evening’s council session.

When the discussion came up later, Interim City Manager Todd Cutts reminded the council that the contract for funding was for one year (2009) and that tonight’s item is to approve funds budgeted for 2010. CM Forschler stated that funding a fireworks show is not an appropriate use of public funds.  He stated he would be willing to pay 1/7 of the cost personally if the other CMs would pay the rest.

CM Ralph Shape clarified that when the City originally banned fireworks, the Council felt it was appropriate to provide a fireworks display. He also reminded the council that the Angle Lake residents pay a good portion of this show in addition to City funds. Mayor Terry Anderson stated that the number of fireworks throughout the City has decreased by providing this show.  And CM Tony Anderson stated that this is a great example of a private/public partnership.

A motion for move was made by Shape, seconded by A. Anderson to approve $10,000 for the Angle Lake July 4th Fireworks Show.  Motion carried with Forschler and Gregerson voting no.


Fuzz Hill said...

Bud and Billie Jones, long-time Angle Lake Residents, shared the story of how our Independence Day Fireworks over the Lake has evolved over the years:

Fireworks over the lake begun back in the late 40’s when the majority of the lake shore was still wooded and only a few summer cottages existed. Bud Jones and two other neighbors got together to set off fireworks on the lake for the 4th of July. As the ritual was repeated each year Bud would gather the kids and head out of the county and head into Milton to purchase fireworks to bring back to the lake for the annual display.

Quite a few years later, the neighbors started collecting donations from the other lake side neighbors and from people gathering that day in the park to help pay for the show – Bud would buy as much as the collection could afford. As the show continued to build, it got to the point where the display was beginning to get so big that the authorities required Bud to obtain a permit and additionally, they required Bud to take and pass a test before he could continue setting off the fireworks himself.

Bud took the test, but he did not pass! So Billie says the sent 'some girl' over who had passed the test but it turned out she didn't know anything about what was going on - so Bud ended up showing her how to do everything anyway!

Fast forward nearer to today – in the mid-2000’s our community decided to ban the private purchase and discharge of fireworks for personal display. The only LEGAL option for fireworks in Seatac is through discharge by licensed pyrotechnicians operating under the authority of a permit. If not for the display over the lake, there would be no city sponsored event celebrating our Nation's Independence Day - let alone no fireworks display anywhere else in Seatac.

The general public is afforded a great opportunity to view the fireworks from the City Owned Angle Lake Park. This venue is estimated to hold several hundred if not thousand residents and guests to the city of SeaTac. In comparison, if when you consider the over $15,000 expense it takes to operate the grossly under attended International Festival Parade, the fireworks show can be considered a great entertainment value when you figure the lower operating cost with the considerably greater number of city residents viewing the show from the park and the surrounding community both on and off the shores of Angle Lake. If you agree, I hope that you will join us in urging the City Council vote yes on continuing to help finance this year's celebration.

LPG said...

I urge not only our ALSC members but also all our neighbors who enjoy the show to please contact your city council members and express your appreciation for past funding and to encourage continued funding for this years show. In the meantime your ALSC is looking for someone to become our representative responsible for lobbying to local businesses for their financial support of the event. If you think you could help us in this area please contact any of your ALSC board members to express your interest.