Another Area Construction Project Announced

Southwest Angle Lake Neighborhood receives a new moniker with the announcement of yet another new construction site.

Hot on the heels of several 2014 announcements identifying new construction projects with in the area, the City of SeaTac is now seeking bids this month to build a new 7,120 square foot fire station in what is now being labeled as the Angle Lake Station district. The plan calls for a state- of-the-art facility on South 200th Street just one block from the new Angle Lake light rail station and will replace an existing, outdated station that has been in operation since 1957. The estimated cost of construction is $3.1 million.

The City began planning for the station several years ago and will open the facility around the time the light rail station begins operations in 2016. The new station will sustain the City’s current high level of protection and service and augment the operational needs of the Fire Department. The upgraded complex ensures that fire and emergency services remain in the neighborhood and are readily available to the new development planned for this part of the city.

The station design is inspired by the Greene and Greene craftsman style of the early 1900’s, was designed by TCA Architects. The design team also included Barker Landscape Architects and Pyramid Engineering who helped develop the plan which includes streetscape landscaping culminating in a prominent rain garden to help mitigate run-off from paved surfaces.

“The new station is an important part of establishing the new light rail district as an active, transit oriented neighborhood,” said City Manager Todd Cutts. “Its distinctive design and public features will provide a focal point for the community. We are looking forward to what this new amenity will mean to our future development plans.”

“The new station will be a public building that the community will appreciate for years to come, thanks to the outstanding design team assembled to help make the City’s vision a reality,” said Parks and Facilities Director Kit Ledbetter. “What we need now is an outstanding contractor to turn the vision into a reality.” 

No formal plans have yet been announced regarding how the existing fire station will be used when the new station is in full operation. Some local residents have suggested that the facility be used to house an 'Artist Workshop', others have suggested a restaurant / bar be located there. Additional suggestions are welcome. Please submit your suggestions to Economic Development Manager Jeff Robinson at

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