A Good Vibe Attracts A Great Tribe

SeaTac based art-focused non-profit VibeHunters was formed by a couple of your Angle Lake neighbors, Bruce Bryant and Jim Todd. Their mission is to make SeaTac a more fun and vibrant place to call home through expanding art and creativity in town. The organization currently has two projects underway with ideas coming together for more.

You may have seen signs around for the SeaTac ArtAttack! contest encouraging residents of our town to create yard art installations all over the city. Quite a few entries have been received already and there is hope for a bunch more by the time the contest ends on Labor Day. Please consider joining in by making something fun at your place, or even at your neighbor’s yard.

The second project that is also in the works involves placing art in a location along South 188th Street. VibeHunters has received a grant from 4Culture, the King County arts organization, for an amount of $4500 to go toward the project. A well known local artist has been hired to conceive, build, and install this art piece and it will be exciting to see it go in! 

Our original budget for this piece was $8500 and we’d love to come near that figure to have local art we can be proud of. So, I’m here to ask our neighbors for donations to support this project and perhaps even start to fund future artistic endeavors. We’ve raised $600 so far and hope to fully fund this installation soon.

We’re thinking that since there was no annual fireworks display this year, instead of having your unallocated 2020 budgeted fireworks dollars just lying around unused, perhaps you’d consider contributing them to our 188th Street Art Project instead? VibeHunters is a registered non-profit so any donations are eligible for a tax deduction. 

You could send checks to:


3430 S 198th St

SeaTac, WA 98188

We love our neighbors and hope that with your support we can bring a little excitement to town! Visit our website at vibehunters.org 

Jim & Bruce

Neighborhood Spotlight: Pat Johns

Angle Lake Neighbor Pat Johns inducted into Bowlers Hall of Fame (again!)

It is our honor to announce to you that this year, 2020, Pat Johns, owner of HiLine Lanes, has been inducted into the Washington State Bowling Association’s Hall of Fame in recognition for his many accomplishments in the Bowling Industry!

Pat and Valerie purchased Burien’s HiLine Lanes in 1994.  Pat also is the resident Pro, drilling bowling balls and giving lessons. Prior to that, he was the Pro at Skyway Park Bowl from 1978-1993.

Pat has a multitude of accomplishments in the bowling community. Among the most notable:
  • Over 20 “800” series for 3 games.  The highest was 845 in 1986. That same year, Valerie had a 777.  Husband and wife held the high series for men and women in the Greater Seattle Bowling Association that year.  Pat also had an 814 in a 2011 “Sport League”.  That’s a 271 average for 3 games. Sport Leagues are leagues that put out a much more difficult lane oil pattern to make the league more competitive like the Pro Bowlers’ Tour.
  • Over 60 “300” games throughout Pat’s career.
  • 1973 Made the final 24 in the Pro Bowlers’ Assn. Seattle Open at just 19 years old.
  • 1982 Took 2nd Place in the first ever Las Vegas High Roller Tournament and receiving a prize award totaling $105,000.00
  • 1985 Won the Greater Seattle Masters Tournament.
  • 1995 Won the National Bowling Tournament’s Team Event 
  • 2005 Won the Greater Seattle City “All Events”.  Highest score Team, Doubles, Singles combined.
  • 2006 Won the Greater Seattle Senior (50+) Masters Tournament
  • 2017 Won a Pro Bowlers’ Regional Senior (50+) Tournament
Pat has been named Greater Seattle bowler of the year 3 times. 1985, 2005, 2006. He also has been on the Seattle All-Star team most of the years of his career.

If that weren’t enough! Pat is an inductee in several Halls of Fame over the years.
  • 2005 Greater Seattle Bowling Association Hall of Fame
  • 2009 Western Washington Senior Bowling Association Hall of Fame
  • 2015 Washington Bowling Coaches Association Hall of Fame
  • 2020 Washington State Bowling Association Hall of Fame
If you’ve ever aspired to become a better bowler, there’s no better champion we can think of to receive tips, pointers, and lessons than from your own neighbor, Pat Johns at HiLine Lanes! Give him a call (206) 244-2272 and see how he can help improve your game.