Neighborhood Spotlight: Steve Huff

The driver of the world’s first and ONLY electric dragster to break the 200 MPH threshold.

In 1964 "Big Daddy" Don Garlits surpassed the 200 MPH mark in an internal combustion engine dragster and was looking to do the same in an all-electric powered dragster. In 2017 Garlits announced that he was attempting to be the first in the #QuestFor200 electric drag racing title. In July 2019 at the age of 86, Garlits held the electric motor speed record at 189.04 MPH

Angle Lake Resident and avid race enthusiast, Steve Huff had set a world record of his own 2015 operating a modified 80 cubic inch pushrod Harley Davidson motorcycle reaching 202.8 MPH. Huff credits Garlits as being a huge inspiration to him as having following Garlits' success through his early years. However, this time Huff wasn’t looking to follow Garlits but surpass him to be the first to achieve the honor of reaching that 200 MPH mark in his own electric dragster aptly named “Current Technology”.

The competition had been fierce between both men aiming to be the first to break the 200 mph barrier in an all-electric powered dragster. That is until the wee hours of the morning on May 14, 2020 when Steve Huff broke the record on his second pass of the night, achieving a speed of 201 MPH.

After the run, Huff commented on his success. “It is bittersweet because, as competitors, we want to win but you hate beating your hero to the punch” Now a holder of two world speed records, surely Huff is another youngster’s Racing Hero and inspiring future racing greatness. 

Congratulations to our neighbor Steve Huff and his racing team in achieving this great success.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 forced cancelation of ALSC summer events, our hope is to continue building community by shining a spotlight on notable neighbor accomplishments.  If you have some great news to share, please send an email to so that all can join in celebrating your success. 

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