Water, Water Everywhere!

As rain continues to fall, the flow of emails sent in to the Shore Club email inbox from community members is increasing as well, offering comments about the height of the lake water and asking if something should be done about it.

Partially Submerged Docks and Fire-pit
A quick search of the internet led one neighbor to King Country Storm Water Services for SeaTac. However the published number on the County website when dialed received no response. The line just kept ringing with no one answering, no opportunity to leave a voicemail message. So they inquired with us asking if we knew who to contact.

Our search led us to Don Robinett, Stormwater Compliance Manager with the City of SeaTac. Don promptly responded to our request for information. He confirmed that City resources do not have the ability to adjust the water level of Angle Lake at will. Don also informed us that a manmade overflow is present in the southeast corner of the lake and allows drainage when the lake level rises above the rim of the outlet. The City does not own or control this outlet; however public works staff does periodically check to ensure that the drain is functioning properly and is not obstructed or blocked. 

Typically, our wettest months are November, December and January. If history is any indication, we should be at the maximum height for the season and should start see a decline from this point forward.

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