Work Hard, Play Harder!

The Angle Lake Shore Club sole mission is geared toward providing unique events year round as an opportunity for Angle Lake area residents to help build a stronger, happier, safer community through collaborative work and cooperative play. Prime examples of this are exhibited in our two community offerings coming up next. 
Clean Sweep – Saturday, July 26th. 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM
Joining together in hard work for the common good warms the heart and the resulting laughter warms the soul! Members from the Angle Lake Community will gather at the public park boat launch at 9 am to collect bags, tools and instructions before setting out to rid the area of debris during the fourth annual Angle Lake Clean Sweep! The volunteers will split into groups where walkers will be assigned to concentrate on picking up litter on shores and throughout the neighborhood streets; waders and snorkelers will commit to clearing the shallow water of trash; and the more adventurous individuals decked out in full scuba gear will gather refuse from the deep! At 1:00 PM volunteers are asked to join together at the Manor Club Beach Lot for a hosted lunch and drawing for raffle prizes in appreciation for their efforts. Contact Judy Williams for further information and assistance.

Tasty Tapas – Saturday, August 16th. 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM
When it comes to play, our neighbors certainly got what’s going on! During prior years, Tapas were attended by Gilligan and his fellow castaways; Cleopatra had come back from the dead to join us with her minions; a group of gondoliers gathered to give out goodies to arriving guests; and even a Tropical Island populated with Pacific Islanders floated onto the scene – one can only imagine who, or what, might appear this year!

If you've attended Tasty Tapas you know how much fun it is to go to various locations to sample delicious hors d'oeuvres while engaged in great conversation with neighbors from our community and their invited guests.  Now consider how much more fun it can be when everyone is coming to you, giving you the opportunity to show off your culinary skills and your bar tending prowess. We’re seeking a couple station hosts along the East-West Shores. Hosting a station is relatively easy and can be made even easier by recruiting extended family to help or even collaborating with your immediate neighbors to pull it off as a group effort.  Host volunteers are provided a generous budget to help cover all food and beverage costs. Hors d’oeuvres don't need to be elaborate but should be relatively simple snacks that are enhanced when partnered with a complimentary beverage. 

To volunteer or get questions answered, please contact Jim Todd, otherwise if you plan to attend be sure to send your payment in no later than August 9th to secure a spot in this summertime favorite!

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